Victoria Residential Care

License Number 306002408

Basic Services

Text Box: Care and supervision.
Monitoring and observation for changes in physical , mental and emotional and social functioning.
Notification to residentís family, physicians, and other appropriate person/agency of residentís needs.
Private and semi-private room.
Food services: Three nutritious meals per day and between meal snacks; Special diets if physician prescribed.
Helping gain access to supportive services, which may include medical, dental and other care services; transportation; recreational and leisure activities; and social and counseling services.
Hygiene items of general use.
Laundering of personal clothing and cleaning of residentís room.
Comfortable and suitable bed and bedroom furniture.
Plan, arrange and/or provide for transportation to medical and dental appointments. Facility will assist with making arrangements for transportation to and from medical and dental services.
Planned activity program, including arrangement for utilization of available community resources as follows: libraries; community centers; and senior centers.
Assistance with personal activities of daily living.
Laundering of personal clothing.
Assistance in meeting necessary medical and dental needs.
Assistance in taking prescribed and over-the-counter medications in accordance with physicianís instructions.
Bedside care and tray services for minor temporary illnesses or recovery from surgery.